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Use the power of the sun for your health!

Our blog shows how important UV light is for our health. Without the sun, there is a deficiency in vitamin D, which is required for the regulation of numerous processes in many body cells. The “sun hormone” vitamin D lowers the risk of cancer, prevents high blood pressure, protects against diabetes, strengthens the muscles, and promotes the immune system.

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Your Vitamin D Guide

Our Blog offers comprehensive and practical information about sunlight, Vitamin D and other important nutrients. We answer questions like:

  • “How can I protect myself from Vitamin D deficiency?” and “How does the “sun hormone” benefit my body?”.

Honest Reviews

Are supplements worthwhile? Which are of high quality? To find the right product you have to be attentive. We have tested countless products and compared them with one another.  We present to you our winners which we have tested here according to particular criteria.

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