Muscle Training And Vitamin D
vitamin d and muscle

Muscle training stimulates the activation of vitamin D. In order to trigger a muscle contraction, calcium ions flow into the muscle cells. This imperceptibly reduces the calcium in the blood, which immediately triggers the increased conversion of stored vitamin D into its active form. As a result, more calcium is absorbed from the intestine, and the blood’s deficit is compensated for.

After muscle work, the active vitamin D then also unfolds its diverse genetic protective effects in the cell and immune system, which go far beyond the control of calcium metabolism. Therefore, active vitamin D can also be called protectosterone (protecto stands for protection, steron for steroid hormones).

Muscle activity, therefore, increases the effectiveness of vitamin D because it stimulates its activation. The health-promoting effects of exercise, regular strength, and endurance training are partly due to this increased effect.

Vitamin D And Muscles – The Upshot

A sufficient vitamin D level is required for optimal muscle and nerve function. Vitamin D deficiency leads to poor muscular performance, extreme deficiency even to muscle weakness and coordination disorders. Even the athletes in ancient times knew instinctively about these connections and sunbathed at every opportunity. This solar doping is completely harmless and promises many positive side effects.

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