The Unnecessary Use Of Calcium Supplements
vitamin d calcium

With good vitamin D levels and a correct diet, enough calcium is absorbed so that there is no need for calcium supplements. These calcium supplements can promote the calcification of the blood vessels, which is associated with an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and kidney damage. Because with excessive calcium intake, the conversion of the stored vitamin D into the active form is inhibited. Instead of disrupting the vitamin D’s protective effect with calcium supplements, one should maintain a good vitamin D level.

Calcium In The Diet

Diet is also important. If there is much excess acid in food (meat, cheese, quark, eggs, grain), more calcium is excreted in the acidic urine. In order to avoid this loss of calcium, a predominantly alkaline diet with fruit, vegetables, and potatoes makes sense. This is especially important in old age. Otherwise, increased calcium losses through the kidneys are compensated for by the breakdown of bone mass.

Salad and vegetables are also the foods with the highest calcium density (the amount of calcium in relation to the calories), by the way, higher than with milk. Fruits also have a relatively high calcium density with good calcium availability. In contrast, factory sugar, sweets, and white flour products contain little or no calcium, just as little as oils, fats, and high-fat foods. Whole grain products also have only a low calcium density, and the little calcium is also poorly available. So if you want to improve your calcium intake and utilization, you just need to eat fruit and vegetables more often. In addition, the supply of other minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants is improved.

However, a healthy diet and adequate vitamin D levels alone are not enough to prevent osteoporosis: the bones and the muscles must be strengthened through regular exercise. Muscles and bones alike dwindle when not used. The most effective method for building muscles and bones is health-oriented strength training. Even significantly older people and even those in need of care can gain muscle mass and bone mass.

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