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Vitamin K is an often overlooked vitamin that plays an essential role in blood clotting, bone formation, and cardiovascular health. Low levels of vitamin K can result in easy bruising and excessive bleeding. There are a few different subtypes of vitamin K. Some variations of vitamin K work with other important vitamins such as D vitamins to fortify bones and other essential body systems. Vitamin K is a very important vitamin that isn’t talked about nearly enough, Adequate levels of vitamin K can boost your overall health and help you recover much faster from injury and illness.

The Spectrum of Vitamin K

Vitamin K actually isn’t a single vitamin. Vitamin K is a blend of different fat-soluble chemically related vitamins that can be classified into different subtypes. In 1929, dentist Weston Price traveled the globe in an attempt to learn more about how certain vitamins impacted tooth decay, blood clotting, and the prevalence of certain diseases in various cultures. Price found that many seemingly primitive cultures did not suffer from the same diseases as the Western world. Price postulated that there was a mysterious vitamin that was not common in the Western diet that seemed to contribute to the robust health of certain communities. Modern researches believe that Weston Price had observed the positive effects of vitamin K2.

Vitamin K is divided into a few different subtypes including vitamin K1, and vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is further divided into a classification known as MK-7. As Weston Price discovered, every variation of vitamin K is essential to the proper functioning of the human body even though each subtype of vitamin K serves a unique purpose. Vitamin K1 is primarily found in leafy green plants, and is not absorbed very efficiently by the body. Vitamin K1 assists with bone health, blood clotting, and cardiovascular health—-but, many scientists believe that vitamin K2 may actually offer more solid benefits to the circulatory system because it is found in fatty foods such as cheeses, eggs, and meats that allow vitamin K2 to spend more time in the bloodstream. Vitamin K2 MK-7 is exclusively found in fermented foods, such the Japanese soybean dish natto. Studies have shown that a single serving of natto significantly increases healthy blood clotting.

Vitamin K2 MK-7 works with vitamin D3 to ensure that calcium is effectively absorbed to build healthy bones and maintain cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 MK-7 and vitamin D3 are both fat-soluble vitamins that work together to help bolster calcium absorption in the body. The proper balance of vitamin K2 Mk-7, vitamin D3, and calcium is absolutely crucial to maintaining strong bones.

Vitamin K Rich Foods

Each subtype of vitamin K originates from a different vitamin K food source. Vitamin K1 is prevalent in leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and collard greens. Because vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin, absorption from low fat plant foods such as brussels sprouts, asparagus, and cabbage tends not to be as efficient. Vitamin K1 is metabolized in the liver, and it is estimated that only 10% of the vitamin makes its way into the bloodstream. Hazelnuts, potatoes, and olive oil also contain vitamin K1, and offer slightly better absorption because these vitamin K foods contain healthy fats. Fruits such as kiwis, mangos, and pears also contain sizable amounts of vitamin K1.

Vitamin K2 is primarily found in chicken, pork, eggs, and hard and soft cheeses. Vitamin K2 tends to be absorbed much more efficiently than vitamin K1 because it is generally found in foods with a naturally high fat content. Getting adequate levels of vitamin K2 on a plant-based diet can be a slight challenge. Thankfully, one of the best sources of vitamin K2 and vitamin K2 MK-7 is a Japanese dish composed of fermented soybeans called Natto. Natto is a Japanese breakfast food that has long been celebrated for its high concentration of vital nutrients such as vitamins B6, B2, and potassium. Natto can be incorporated into sushi, spread on toast, or even whipped into a pasta dish. Natto contains probotic and prebotic bacteria that helps bolster gut health and fortify the immune system. If you can embrace natto’s pungent smell the health benefits of this vitamin K food are immense.

How Much Vitamin K Does a Healthy Body Need?

Standard nutritional recommendations do not distinguish between the various subtypes of vitamin K. Adult women require 90 micrograms of vitamin K per day, and adult men require 120 micrograms of vitamin K per day. Individuals with certain medical conditions such as liver disease or inflammatory bowel disease that impact the absorption of certain vitamin K foods may require a slightly higher vitamin K intake. Any person who is on a plant-based diet should keep a close eye on their vitamin K food consumption to ensure that they are covering all of of their nutritional bases.

The Value of Vitamin K Supplements

As Westin Price learned in 1929, every subtype of vitamin K is a vital nutrient that is beneficial to the proper functioning and maintenance of numerous biological systems that are essential to maintaining optimal health. A vitamin K supplement is an excellent way to ensure that your bones, heart, and circulatory system are as healthy as they can possibly be. Every person can benefit from an additional dose of vitamin K—especially those on a plant-based diet with an aversion to eating natto. Numerous studies show that there are no negative side effects from taking a hefty dose of vitamin K.

Scientists are swiftly realizing that some of the least talked about vitamins play a crucial role in our health. Vitamin K was first discovered by a dentist determined to figure out why certain communities had better health outcomes than others. In the areas that Westin Price studied, advanced technology and accumulated wealth didn’t translate into better health outcomes. A diet rich in vitamin K food was the primary factor that separated healthy communities from unhealthy communities. A few dietary adjustments to include adequate amounts of vitamin K food and a vitamin K supplement can transform your health.

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